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27 Mar 2019

Here are the tips for safe banking. Just get into the link to know more!

27 Mar 2019

27 Mar 2019

26 May 2017

Are you a state bank customer and you feel that direct banking is hassle?? Don’t worry, state bank launches the new application called State Bank Freedom app for mobile banking SBI users.

The state bank of India branches introduced many offline and online conveniences to make the banking service hassle-free. The main objective of this SBI Freedom app is to make the SBI users banking convenient, easy to access and safe banking features through their device.

State Bank Freedom is nothing but the mobile banking services that is provided by the State Bank Group.It is for both smart phones and  basic mobile users. It is really a convenient way for the banking operations  from anywhere. State Bank Freedom is a single application that...

27 Feb 2017

How Does A Credit Card Application Process Work?

Nowadays, a lot of people using the credit card for their financial needs. It became a required part of our financial routine. Most of the people are thinking the credit card is more convenient than cash. Instead of carrying the money, the credit card is very easy to take. In case, you missed out the credit card at any situation no one will misuse your credit card without your PIN. Is it more safely than cash right?

There are types of modes are available to apply for the credit card. Banks have some credential to request a credit card.  

Apply for Credit Card - You can apply for the credit card at any of your bank branches in India, online banking or any promotional stalls. You need to fill...